Monday, January 2, 2012

them :)


as u all know,i have finished my study and nothing to do at home,
so so so
my cik hunny bee dgn girang gembirang ingin berjumpe dgn en.apek iaitu boy syg dye la..
then then then
sye yg mcm akaq akaq ni knelah teman si panda ni *jgn mara syg
so here we go!!!
where else lah tempat kterng nk pergi selain cs kan 
pfftttttt *due hari berturut2 dtg cs,my second house = ='

but this time,sy ni tgh kopak2 ayam ok, *sebeb bru lps date semalam kan
but we all sharing all things even satu plate makan 3 org.
so sad ouh :')

then we all decide to move out from banda sesak tu ke jln.dhobi
and secara tak sengaja,we all terjumpe
and we know this place was so cool and vintage ouh
and so so so
we sharing all things butthe food there was awesome and affordable 

and below this adalah gmba2 yg disnap bergilir-gilir
enjoy ~~~

many faces

lepak jco ouh
mangsa kami in the ROOST CAFE
hanamese beef noodle
aish = ='

 thats all for now,more pictures in my facebook ok :)
that day was so wonderful with my hunny bee and en.apek


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