Thursday, December 29, 2011

my strength

in my life,beside my family i have my strength that make my life wonderful
like 'alice in the wonderland'
hehe..i am alice and below this are some characters that make my life in wonderland really wondering
*i dont know what am i talking about.. =''= 

reena razak as ALICE 
why i am alice?
this is my story and i am alice lah!!
*hikhik (tawe gedik)

ok here we goes 

razanah syairah as THE WHITE QUEEN
why im calling this pretty gurl as white queen?
becoz she always be caring and so soft-hearted but for other reasons,
you must know this girl and u will know it ^,^

haziqah zaki as THE WHITE RABBIT
for this type of character......ermmmm
i dont know......
i just look at her and the white rabbit appears in my mind..

afiqah zainuddin as THE MAD HATTER
this type of character is most suitable for her becoz
for some reasons or even no reasons she always mad and mad
owhh..luckly she was so caring about me and kind too,even annoying
like mad hatter rite?

amira yusoff as CHESHIRE CAT
this typr of character comes out in this girl becoz she is a cat
*seriusly talking =''=
she fat cat 
 the fatty cat that always annoy me but she always there when i needed
 yeah..she appears like cheshire cat dowh = ='

all this people above is my only poppet and puppet
(whats the different huh?)
what ever!! *sound form back


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