Monday, July 9, 2012

missing badly :"(

i miss doing all this thing
berlakon,menyanyi,make-up,menari,buat produksi,buat skrip,nyanyi kuat-kuat.
yeah but those tu mse sekolah but now i just being the normal girl.
yeah wait for my degree and i will do what i want !!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

will start blogging :D

hey there!!
 gambar tu no motif at all actually.
buat2 terperanjat je kan.hahaha

ok here,after i have done manage my life and after being a college student,
my blog sgt dipinggirkan di kepulauan 
*i am sorry my bloggy (blink2 mata)
so here i decide to renew my blog and tulis post sebnayak mungkin for share with you guys ok :) 
hopefully tak malas nk blog lagi lps ni .